80% of a typical professional firm’s income comes from around 20% of its clients.  It is widely acknowledged that it is a great deal easier to keep your existing clients than find new ones.

Retaining clients needs a thorough understanding of their business together with insightful feedback on the firm’s service through an independent review.  However, independent client service reviews (ICSRs) are often undertaken by marketing teams with limited understanding of the client’s business or its legal/commercial needs.  A different approach may be better.

Benefits for your firm

As a successful business leader and former partner in a national law firm, Isabel has the necessary authority and experience to speak to client CEOs and senior people.  Her in-depth understanding of the legal and commercial issues involved in an organisation enables her to spot cross-selling opportunities and new work areas, as well as the more obvious benefit of feeding back on client satisfaction. An impartial review by an independent third party enables clients to ‘open up’ with greater candour.  Our skillset will help you to build and grow your relationships with valuable clients.  


What we deliver

You can choose the elements you need to take your firm easily though the process:

  • a well developed toolkit of ICSR documentation established and used extensively in practice
  • analysis of client database and selection process for ICSRs
  • templates for contact and arrangement of meetings to carry out ICSR
  • detailed report of interviews with a specific set of recommendations
  • follow up documentation
  • client management training.